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Founder & Cidermaker

Daniel came to cider from a love of champagne and sparkling wine but his drive to make the best cider came from trying to impress Talia. It was constant trial and error until they landed on a style that was sparkling wine-like, unique and just what they both enjoyed drinking. Daniel’s focus on excellence can be seen in his relationships with his growers, selection of apples, care during the production process, focus on packaging, and his general depth of knowledge around his product. But that’s not what he will tell you. In his words “I worked on Wall Street, I moved to Denver, and now I make cider.”

Having graduated from the University of Rochester, Daniel spent several years working on Wall Street for Moodys and Lehman Brothers. Currently, he works with his father as an investment advisor.

In his “free time,” he enjoys doing CrossFit, working in the family garden, playing cars with the Apple Taste Tester and making the Head of Sales giggle.

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Founder, CMO/CFO/COO, Wrangler of Future Cider Makers

Until meeting Daniel, Talia had little knowledge of cider. It was limited to farm stands and the occasional “that looks good” on liquor store shelves. Together with Daniel, Talia learned more about apple varieties and the rich history of apples and hard cider in the United States. As they worked to grow their family, they also grew in their love for cider.

In her “real life,” Talia is a Denver-based writer and social media strategist. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Dance Performance from Jacksonville University and Master’s Degree in Applied Communication with a focus on Public Relations and Marketing from the University of Denver. She has served as the Public Relations Director for Ballet Nouveau Colorado (BNC) and Chief Marketing Officer for the Robert E. Loup Jewish Community Center, amongst others roles in her career. Talia currently works with a wide variety of clients in many industries through her freelance business doing social media marketing, content curation, and website development.

In her “free time,” she enjoys their family garden, wrangling the Apple Taste Tester, Head of Sales, and mascot. She very occasionally blogs at Talia, She Wrote.



Apple Taste Tester | Toddler

David is four years old and a big fan of apples. In fact, it was one of his first words (after ‘uh oh’). He loves helping out his papa and will often climb into a 500 gallon tank and declare “this is my cider house.” He loves funky apples and will happily eat a whole crab apple every morning on his way to school.

In his free time he likes to read books with his papa, play rocket ships with his mama, ride his bike, chase Soba, and let his baby sister “borrow” a magnatile (only one).



Head of Sales | Baby

Eva was born less than a week after our tasting room opened in February 2018. She is just learning to love apple slices but she hasn’t tried cider yet and thinks it’s super annoying that she can’t have any. She likes to do anything her brother does and must have apple slices when he has them.

She doesn’t really have “free” time… She’s quite busy learning to walk, eating, stealing her brother’s fun toys, and going on tastings and liquor store visits.



Official Cider Mascot

Soba Schnoodle is our official cider mascot. She’s very good at looking cute and barking at people who are helping press apples. She’s not a real fan of eating apples but she’s a good supervisor, though she’d rather be napping in the sun.

In her free time… who are we kidding, she has the most free time in the company. She loves carrying her monkey around, naps, and waiting for her siblings to drop food.