HFC + Arcana = Special Terroir Thursday for Colorado Cider Week

The first time we heard about Arcana, we knew it was a restaurant we wanted our cider in. For one, they have one of (if not THE) best cider lists in town. We knew these people really GET cider. They have some excellent and interesting ciders on their menu. But it wasn't only their appreciation for cider that caught our attention - their focus on early-American food history and the hyper local focus on ingredients really jives with our approach. We were so thankful to get an introduction to the folks there from Lauren Shepard (of Shelton Brothers) and Emily Gold (of PMG), among others. It was such an honor to be thought of in the same sentence.

The same could be said for this event happening on Thursday. Arcana hosts a weekly Terroir Tuesday which features a wine maker and several of their wines. In honor of Colorado Cider Week, we've been asked to come by and feature our ciders this Thursday (June 14, 2018) in a similar fashion. 

Come down to Arcana Thursday night and get access to some NEVER BEFORE RELEASED ciders plus some classic favs. We are serious... if you are a cider fan you might know the apples Kingston Black and Wickson Crab... yeah... we've got some coming your way at Arcana this week!

So make a date and head to Boulder and Arcana this Thursday. It kicks off at 4pm!